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What’s a penguin to think when he wakes up PINK!

Molly made a great book find at the library the other day – she was attracted to it by the cover (“Mommy, can you read my pink book? Can you read this my pink book? That is my pink book!!”) but it turned out to be cute and topical.

Cover picture from amazon.co.uk

PINK! is the story of a penguin named Patrick who wakes up one morning to discover that he has turned pink. When he finds himself being teased at school, he decides to go and live with the flamingos, but finds that he doesn’t fit in there either. He returns home where he finds that his friends and family are happy to have him back and want to hear all about his adventures.

It’s a really nice story – well written, doesn’t hammer the points home over and over as some children’s books are wont to do, and was simple enough to keep Molly interested with a meaty enough story to engage Ben as well. In fact, at bedtime last night we read it twice. In a row. And I still like it. Can there be a better recommendation than that?

~ karyn