Who is this chick, anyway?

Hi! Welcome to PicklesINK!

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This is me:

Moustache pic

“I’d love to stay but I really really really
have a moustache.” – Molly

I’m the sometimes wacky, usually exhausted, always entertained mother of two nutty kids, Ben and Molly, and wife of one wonderful husband, Ian.

Team Pickles

All together we make up Team Pickles!

Having studied child development and social work in university, I went into parenthood with my eyes wide open and a self-satisfied smirk on my face and very quickly discovered that I knew absolutely nothing of any value when it came to my very real kids.

Where can you find me?

I’m on Huffington Post, talking about everything from banning Halloween to the sexualization of children.

Contributor to Acts of Kindness: Inspirational Stories for Everyday Life.

Talking about school lunches in Today’s Parent Magazine.

Contributor to Whiteboard Wednesday on Ironic Mom.

Join me on my journey as Ben and Molly teach me what it actually means to be a parent!

~ karyn


5 thoughts on “Who is this chick, anyway?

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