I’ve got a new pronoun for you…

So…How ’bout that Caitlyn Jenner, eh?


She broke the internet by doing nothing more than being completely classy. Love it.

And yet there are people out there up in arms about pronouns. Teensy little bits of speech that can mean so much or so little, depending on what importance you and your society attach to them. Jeepers. What a thing to be on about!

Caitlyn, when she was still going by the name “Bruce,” asked that we continue to refer to her as “him.” Now that she has changed her name, she asks that we switch to using “her.” Doesn’t seem too complicated to me.

Yet there are people all over the internet today saying they are going to keep on using “him,” because somehow or another this matters to them. They’re tossing around words like “penis” and “tallywhacker” that are completely irrelevant to the conversation, not to mention quite frankly none of their business. Goodness gracious. If anyone other than my hubby was that concerned about what was inside my underwear I’ve have some pointed questions or more likely a restraining order for them.

But perhaps they have a point. I mean, free speech, right? It’s not up to the individual to decide what pronoun another person uses for them. It’s not that we have a right to ask people to respect our personal identity. If I wish to somehow demonstrate to the denizens of the internet my personal disapproval of perfect stranger’s actions and assert my power as a member of the dominant cisgendered society, I have every right to do that by ignoring a person’s wishes and using the pronoun of MY choice for them, don’t I?

Therefore, in the spirit of respecting people’s right to use whatever pronoun they chose to refer to another person regardless of that other person’s wishes, I myself have created a new pronoun that *I* am going to use from now on to refer to any person who refuses to use another person’s preferred pronoun. (Say that five times fast.)

My new pronoun is “dic.” It’s an acronym, short for “do I care.”

It’s pronounced phonetically.

~ karyn

I've got a new pronoun for people who refuse to use a trans* person's chosen pronoun. It's dic, short for "do I care." It's pronounced phonetically.  www.picklesINK.com

White printing on a black background reads: I’ve got a new pronoun for people who refuse to use a trans* person’s chosen pronoun. It’s dic, short for “do I care.” It’s pronounced phonetically. www.picklesINK.com


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