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Confession Cam #3 – This may wreck everything.

There is something I have to tell you. This is something that has been weighing on me for several weeks and I really have to get it off my chest. It’s going to be a pretty big shock for a lot of you. It’s really difficult for me to say, and I know it’s going to be hard for many of you to hear.

I just hope you’ll still be my friends after I’ve said it, because you know it doesn’t reflect on me as a person, right? I mean, I can’t help the way I was made, and it doesn’t change who I am, and…

Okay, Karyn, stop beating around the bush, right? Just come out and say it.

*deep breath*

Ben with camera - wreck

Ben with camera. Text reads: this may WRECK everything – Confession Cam











I really like Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball.”

Phew. I said it.

I do. I really like it. It’s catchy and fun but also poignant and angry. I sing along with it when it comes on the radio. I’m considering buying it so I can play it in the car, and I’ve caught myself wondering if I will like her other songs too and so should I maybe get the whole album?

I even like the video except for the whole licking the hammer and grinding with the chain thing because it just doesn’t make sense in the context of the song which is about loss; I mean is she replacing the lost love with inanimate objects? If he/she is that replaceable then why is she even crying?

And while I did see some wisdom in Sinéad O’Connor’s first open letter to Miley, there were also many aspects that I found troublesome; singer/songwriter Amanda Palmer captured those rather beautifully in her own response. Sadly, while the Sinéad/Miley interaction could have been a great opportunity to bring some intelligent feminist discourse to a wide audience, the situation immediately deteriorated into a flame war with neither party remaining on the high ground.

Amanda Palmer arranged a fantastic mash-up of the two artists, hoping to broker peace between, “Sinéad, who’s awesome, and Miley, who’s awesome – may they see their similarities instead of their differences.”

And gosh-dang it, I also frigging love Miley’s hair cut!!!

~ karyn

NB – It could have been a lot worse. I still hate “Blurred Lines.” Please still love me!