Eternal Coffee, Strong to Save

I did mention that this blog talks about my love affair with coffee, didn’t I?

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I know I've had mornings like this! #coffeehymns

Eternal coffee, strong to save, Whose stimulation I so crave, Who bidd’st me from my slumber deep, When I’ve had insufficient sleep. O hear us when we cry to thee: Deliver sweet caffeine to me! #coffeehymns


~ karyn

Are you a coffeeaholic? Tea connoisseur? Chicory aficionado? What’s your stimulant of choice?


2 thoughts on “Eternal Coffee, Strong to Save

  1. Your hymn to coffee is taped to my computer at work, in plain sight of anyone who enters (at their own risk if I haven’t finished savoring my delectable cup of sweet brown elixir.) It expresses my thoughts on the subject perfectly. Thanks for posting it.

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