New Years 2015 – Resolving to have less resolve.

Team Pickles celebrated a very happy New Year’s with friends, family, food, skiing, and Harry Potter-watching up at the chalet!

Father-Daughter Chairlift Selfie - New Year's with #TeamPickles

Father-Daughter Chairlift Selfie


Molly Monkey's ski lesson New Year's with #TeamPickles

Molly’s most successful ski lesson to date


Baby William, asleep with excitement - New Year's with #TeamPickles

Baby William, asleep with excitement.

Ben and Baby William grinning - New Year's with #TeamPickles

Another gratuitous Baby William picture because baby.

Molly made a valiant effort and *almost* made it to midnight.

Molly didn't quite make it to midnight! New Year's with #TeamPickles

11:48 pm – so close and yet so far.

Ben did make it…

New Year's with #TeamPickles

12:03 am – Ben and Ian get a little wild



New Year's with #TeamPickles

…six minutes later, Ben succumbs to the inevitable.

On the way home on New Year’s Day we talked about what we would like to do in the coming year and set some personal goals for 2015…more or less.

Ian: More looking for yes —– Less jumping to no.

Karyn: More exercising —– Less snacking.

Ben: More accepting no —– Less freaking out.

Molly: More listening —– Less punching.

Stay tuned over the next year to see how it goes. I’ll make sure to share any strategies and tips we come up with for achieving those goals – what works, and what doesn’t.

~ karyn

What about you? What are your resolutions this year? Have you got any tips for us starting out?

Resolving to have LESS resolve. Happy New Year 2015 from Team Pickles

Resolving to have LESS resolve. Happy New Year 2015 from Team Pickles


11 thoughts on “New Years 2015 – Resolving to have less resolve.

  1. Wait wait. Do you have a new baby?? How could I have missed this? I personally like “less punching.” It means she’s spunky to begin with, which I like, as you may imagine. I only condone punching when moderately necessary, though.

    Thanks for stopping by moo cow and your sweet words. We are excited. 🙂

    • Lol – Nope, no new baby, though not for lack of trying! Baby William is Ben and Molly’s newest cousin, with another to follow any minute.

      Seriously – “less punching” is already proving a real problem for Molly. The kid has definitely got spunk! I’m torn between finding it totally hilarious and very, very wrong (*stern face*).

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